Company Profile

Green Cleen is the combination of an established bin cleaning service and a manufacturer of bin cleaning equipment. Originally formed in 1996 Green Cleen was setup to offer a professional bin cleaning service to the public and commercial sectors. Realising the potential of this growing market and with more local councils adopting the wheelie bin system, Managing Director Marius Coulon decided to offer the opportunity for franchisees to share in Green Cleen's success. To this day Green Cleen a family owned company continue to operate their own successful bin washing services alongside the franchise opportunity which are used as test beds for research & development into the bin washing equipment, bin cleaning service and the franchise system. After only fifteen years of franchising Green Cleen have launched franchises all over the UK and have experience franchising in Australia, Canada, USA, Cyprus, Norway and Ireland with plans to move into South Africa by the end of the year.

"The other Franchisors do not operate their own bin washing services, Green Cleen have been washing bins for the last 21 years and have the experience to assist your success!"

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