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Wheelie Bin Washing Franchise

How it all started

Green Cleen was set up in 1996 to fill a gap in the market cleaning wheelie bins and commercial waste containers. These were being supplied to the public by local district councils who did not have the expertise or the equipment to offer this service.

After seven years of learning our business and building it to three working vehicles whilst training staff to wash the bins, Green Cleen Directors could see the business’s potential and decided to buy out the original manufacturers of our bin cleaning equipment. Once we could develop and manufacture our bin washing equipment and add the expertise of running a successful wheelie bin cleaning service, made a perfect combination to set up a franchise opportunity so others could share in our success.

Green Cleen Today

Green Cleen is the longest-established bin-washing franchise and a family-owned company heavily involved in the bin-cleaning industry.

With a network of 22 franchises across the UK, including Green Cleen’s company-owned franchise, Green Cleen (Stafford) Ltd. We now have a network of franchises offering our wheelie bin cleaning service in England, Scotland, Northern and Southern Ireland, Norway, Canada and Australia. We have established a Distributor network in Lithuania, Spain, Malta, Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

Green Cleen has been at the forefront of the bin cleaning industry since it started here in the UK nearly 30 years ago and has gone on to set up the industry’s only bin cleaners association, the National Association of Wheeled Bin Washers.

Getting involved with Green Cleen

Green Cleen offers a proven but low-cost opportunity for business-minded people looking to establish their own bin-cleaning business, following a tried and tested system with backup and support from an industry-experienced team.

If you are interested in more information about the Green Cleen wheelie bin washing franchise opportunity Contact us.