Pickup Mounted Bin Washer

Pickup Mounted Bin Wash

Vehicle Mounted Bin Cleaning Equipment

The Green Cleen pickup-mounted bin cleaning equipment is nearly 30 years in development and is the market leader. The Duplex was the first pickup-mounted bin cleaning system available on the market and can clean domestic wheelie bins and commercial waste containers. Fitting is available to most single-cab pickup trucks, assisting the operator to achieve a high rate of productivity and manoeuvrability. These machines come with an onboard petrol engine, high-pressure water pump, two fixed orbital high-pressure wash heads for cleaning inside the bins and a hand lance for cleaning the outsides. The wastewater is reclaimed and recycled, ensuring compliance with all Environmental Agencies and local water authority regulations. Our equipment is CEWRASNAWBW, and SafeContractor approved.

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1 Year’s warranty comes with all Green Cleen Bin Cleaning Equipment.

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