Wheelie Bin Cleaning Equipment

Wheelie Bin Cleaning Equipment

Green Cleen manufactures market-leading mobile and static wheelie bin cleaning equipment. These bin-cleaning machines are available to local authorities and waste contractors or for installation at hospitals, factories, airports, shopping centres and other commercial facilities. Some of our customers include waste contractors like Biffa, Veolia and Lili Waste. Local authorities include Dundee Council, and hospitals and NHS Trusts including King’s Mill Hospital, Walsgrave Hospital and Cairn’s Hospital in Australia. Our range of wheelie bin cleaning equipment recycles all water used in the bin cleaning process complying with Environment Agency and local water authority guidelines. No manual lifting is required due to our hydraulic lifting frames which can lift two 120l, 240l, or 360l wheelie bins at once or any size commercial waste container up to 1280l. Our equipment is CEWRASNAWBW, and SafeContractor approved. Authorities

Range of mobile and static bin cleaning machines

Delivery and Installation

We can arrange quotations to deliver our wheelie bin cleaning equipment door-to-door anywhere in the world or you can arrange collection. If you are located outside of the UK fitting of the equipment to a vehicle that you supply can be done locally by an engineer or mechanic with a forklift truck. We can supply fitting guides whilst having our technical manager at the end of the phone. If your vehicles are delivered to our workshop in the UK we will install the equipment for free.

Our machines are custom-built to order and take up to two months to manufacture. We take a 50% deposit to start the build with cleared funds before they leave our factory.

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