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Electric Static Bin Wash

Floor Mounted Bin Cleaning Equipment

The Green Cleen Static Bin Wash is bespoke commercial bin cleaning equipment for installation at hospitals, airports, shopping centres and other commercial facilities. It was the first static bin cleaning equipment on the market offering a permanently situated semi-automatic bin cleaning system which cleans commercial two and four-wheeled bins with minimal physical effort. The Static Bin Wash fully recycles all water used in the bin cleaning process, running it through an integrated four-stage filtration process. Or you can run continuous fresh water through. To connect the machine, you require a 3-phase electricity connection, a hosepipe feed for the water and a drain nearby to download the dirty wastewater. For locations without electricity, there is a petrol engine version. Our equipment is CEWRASNAWBW, and SafeContractor approved.

Machine Installation

The Static Bin Wash requires a hosepipe water feed, 3-phase electric connection, a close drain for water discharge and a suitable flat surface of approx 3 m x 4 m. The Static Bin Wash offers easy plug-and-play installation. No specialist equipment or engineers are required. Green Cleen provide full operator training on the use and maintenance of the equipment.


1 Year’s warranty comes with all Green Cleen Bin Cleaning Equipment.

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